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Maokong Gondola Unveils Super Value Round-trip Ticket

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) unveiled the Maokong Gondola Super Value Round-Trip Ticket on January 11.

Riders will be able to enjoy a round-trip (unlimited mileage), as well as an extra free ride, on their next trip using the ticket! The package comes at only NT$120!

The passenger can return the used ticket within 3 days of the ride to the agency for refund of the NT$20 card deposit.

According to TRTC, people take the gondola to experience the excitement of "air travel" and to take in the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. It would be a shame, however, for passengers not to visit the scenic spots at other gondola stops.

To promote local attractions in the Maokong area, TRTC invites riders to alight at Zhinan Temple Station to visit the beautiful temple. It also recommends that visitors explore the five scenic highlights situated in the Zhinan area.

Riders can then take the gondola to Maokong Station, where they can relish the unique local tea culture by enjoying a cup of oolong tea before returning to Taipei Zoo Station.

TRTC pointed out that 22 stores from the Maokong area are participating in the preferential program for customers presenting the Super Value Round-trip Ticket. Detailed discount information will be published on posters at the gondola stations.

For more information, please visit the Chinese website of TRTC ( or call the 24-hour hotline at 886-2-218-12345.

Released by Taipei City Government

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