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Self-medication of Aphrodisiacs Led to Phase IV Prostate Cancer

Self-medication of Aphrodisiacs Led to Phase IV Prostate Cancer

     An elderly man aged 73 years sought medical care owing to urination difficulty and fever. The CT scan showed there was a prostate tumor in the pelvic cavity with a diameter of 10cm. The patient’s condition was complicated by hemorrhagic shock caused by vessel rupture of the rectum. After his condition had stabilized, the patient underwent bipolar transurethral resection of the prostate to open up the urethra and bilateral orchidectomy. Now he is in a stable condition and continues to receive hormone therapy.
     His family members say that the patient has been in good health and seldom visited doctors. About two years ago, he was conscious of sexual hypoactivity and bought some drugs for aphrodisiac purpose. He began to experience difficulty in urination and defecation several months ago and finally sought medical care when he couldn’t urinate this time.
     Huang Jian-rong, attending doctor of the Urology Department in Taipei City Hospital, points out that the cell growth of prostate cancer requires the stimulation of testosterone and that it is highly dangerous to take medicines and even DHEA (Testostrone Precursors) for stimulating hormones without first consulting the doctors.
     Huang Jian-rong says that men over 50 years old will suffer from low energy, hyposexuality and other male menopause symptoms and should have hormone supplements. Testosterone products can be taken, but a blood test is required first to check whether the testosterone level is really low and prostatic specific antigen (PSA) should also be tested to exclude the probability of prostate cancer. The incidence of prostate cancer has ranked 5th among the top ten cancers in Taiwan and men over 50 years old are advised to have serum PSA concentration tested and receive digital rectal examination every year.
     Huang Jian-rong reminds the public that patients with early-stage prostate cancer can receive da Vinci Robotic Surgery to remove the prostate, which yields a very high cure rate, and the resection of bilateral testes is the quickest method for Phase IV prostate cancer that spreads to other organs and has complications, so as to minimize the testosterone level in the body, thereby putting the tumor under control and enabling it to eventually shrivel up.

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