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Taipei Zoo Organizational Structure

Taipei Zoo Organizational Structure

Animal Section: animal acquisition, conservation, and management, as well as exhibit planning.

Environmental Maintenance Section: maintenance, greening, gardening, pollution control, and research.

Education Section: social education activities, guided tours, maintenance of guide facilities, school field trip assistance, and research.

Visitor Services Section: visitor recreation, transportation, services, safety maintenance, and management.

Veterinary Office: animal medical treatment, health care, quarantine, examinations, and research.

Mechanical and Electrical Office: maintenance of the electricity system and air conditioning, lighting, communication, electrical equipment, as well as mechanical system.

General Affairs Office: management of documents and official seals, cashier, routine and financial affairs, repair and maintenance of facilities, and others.

Accounting Office: budget, accounting, and statistics.

Personnel Office: personnel management.

Government Ethics Office: administrative ethics.

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