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Taipei Beats, Let’s Party: the 2012 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party

Taipei Beats, Let’s Party: the 2012 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party

The 2012 New Year's Eve Countdown Party sponsored by Taipei City Government will ring in the Year of the Dragon with music and extravagant fireworks shows!

The annual end-of-the-year event is now a tradition for the public, attracting more than 100,000 spectators to the 6-hour-long spectacle. In addition to the stage show comprising numerous pop artists and celebrities, the renowned Taipei 101 fireworks also promise to herald in the New Year on a high note.

As an added new feature for the 2012 party, the city government will introduce a series of online activities held in conjunction with the revelries in front of city hall. Take part in the interactive games through your cell phone or other portable devices, and you may have the chance of bringing home a new car worth NT$1 million!

2012 New Year_5

Event Hosts: All-star Cast

This year's New Year's Eve concert will feature all-time favorite celebrities including Taiwanese rock band Mayday, Hong Kong pop group Grasshopper, and pop artist Show Luo. Patty Hou and stand-up comedian team Plungon will serve as the emcee on the stage.

Making their 10th appearance at the annual event, the fans of Mayday can expect another outstanding performance from the group. Celebrating its 25th birthday, the members of Grasshopper will be making their first appearance at Taipei’s New Year’s Eve festivity, bringing a lot of surprises to the audience. Finally, Show Lou will take to the stage between midnight and 1 AM, charming the audience with a special "bonus" – something he reserved specifically for his fans in Taipei.

Other guests with scheduled appearance include Magic Power, Della, Da Mouth, Van Fan, Cindy Yen, Aska Yang, Jeremy Liu, and more!

Of course, no one would want to miss the climax of the party – the famous Taipei 101 fireworks following the countdown! The amazing spectacle of flames and lights will shine up the night sky at midnight, promising the spectators an unforgettable experience.

Special Surprise: Win a Free VIP Pass!

The New Year Countdown Party is oftentimes challenging for people who are not comfortable with large crowds – the later it gets, the more people show up, and the harder it is to move around.

This year, however, the city government will be choosing a winner to receive two special VIP pass for top seating at the event! In addition to being seated next to the guests of the countdown party, the winner can also enjoy the entire show from a comfortable position with a nice view of the main stage.

2012 New Year_4To enter, simply visit the Facebook fan page of the 2012 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party. In addition to accessing the special feature of making your own unique countdown party poster featuring yourself and your preferred artist, you can also take part in the VIP pass raffle.

Hatch a Dragon's Egg, Win a BMW!

One of the new activities for this year's countdown party will be a smart phone APP involving hatching a dragon's egg (2012龍來玩). The APP can be downloaded from both Android Market and iTunes Store. By joining the rank of dragon egg hatchers, you will have a chance to win a BMW worth roughly NT$1 million.

In addition to showing the days remaining until New Year's Day, the mobile application also allows the user to "feed" the dragon egg information such as tourist attractions, good food, and city administration news to win points and keep the young life "maturing" in its shelter. Of course, participants are randomly selected to receive free coupons to a number of stores throughout the activity period.

2012 New Year_3Participants who checks in on the night of the countdown party at the party venue will receive special bonus points to their accumulated score. For every 50 points in their account, the participant will have one chance to enter the drawing for the BMW.

2012 New Year_2So what are you waiting for? The city government invites everyone to come to the event and share this moment of happiness as the city welcomes the New Year with great entertainment and awesome prizes.

2012 New Year's Eve Countdown Party
Date: December 31, 2011 – January 1, 2012
Time: 7 PM – 1 AM
Venue: Taipei City Government Civic Plaza

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