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By Division

1.Cultural & Creative Development Division:

Manages the promotion of cultural exchanges and cultural industries administers financial support for arts and culture.

2.Cultural Heritage Division:

Manages the maintenance of historical sites and historical buildings.

3.Arts Development Division:

Oversees events and activities commissioned to third party organizations, including the management of performances, audiovisual events, the visual arts, cultural activities, cultural centers and museums.

4.Cultural Resources Division:

 Manages the development of cultural facilities, public art and community arts activities.

5.Cultural Facilities Division:

Construction, establishment, renovation, and maintenance of cultural facilities. Restoration projects of cultural heritage.


Manages research, document publication, file management, general affairs, purchasing, assets management and related affairs.

7.Accounting Office:

Manages the annual budget, accounting and statistical affairs, and related activities.

8.Personnel Office:

 Oversees activities related to human resources management.

9.Government Ethics Office:

 Ensures adherence to ethical procedures within the Department of Cultural Affairs.

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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