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 Former Directors 

Deputy Director

Chief Secretary

Acquisition and Cataloging Section
Duties: collection, purchase, registration, classification, cataloging and exchange of reading materials
Contact number: 2709-0964

Circulation & Preservation Section
Duties: shelving, displaying, and checking out books, maps and documents; reminding borrowers to return reading materials 
Contact number: 2706-4811

Reference Services Section
Duties: collection and management of reference resources, answering reference-related questions, document relay services, adult education information services and answering questions concerning studying abroad 
Contact number: 2755-3554

Extension Section
Duties: surveys and statistics, research and experiments, inspection and guidance, promotional activities, exhibitions and lectures, advertisements, guided tours, books on tour, librarian training and services for the visually-impaired 
Contact number: 2709-1605

Audiovisual Section
Duties: collection, compilation, production, reproduction and custody of audiovisual resources; checking out audiovisual resources and reminding borrowers to return them; arranging and showing audiovisual programs; management and maintenance of audiovisual equipment 
Contact number: 2755-2823 ext 2802

Systems Administration Office
Duties: data analysis, registration, input; planning of information systems, programming; research on the application of computers; operation and maintenance of machines 
Contact number: 2702-0390

Administration Office
Duties: documents, stamps, assets, cashier, general affairs, research and assessment, construction and repair, management and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment. 
Contact number: 2755-4446

Personnel Office
Duties: handling personnel matters in accordance with the law 
Contact number: 2707-5744

Accounting Office
Duties: handling budget, accounting and statistical matters in accordance with the law 
Contact number: 2709-0894 

Government Ethics Office
Duties: handling ethical matters in accordance with the law 
Contact number: 2709-1642

* For a more detailed list of contact numbers, click here

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