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Underground Mall

Taipei City Mall

Taipei City Mall

Location: No.100, Sec. 1, Civic Blvd., Zhongzheng District
MRT: Taipei City Mall Exit, Tamsui Line or Bannan Line, Taipei Main Station.
Bus: 126, 14, 2, 218, 218-StraightLine, 220, 220-StraightBus, 260, 260(Shuttle), 274, 299(Shuttle), 310, 39, 39-Night Bus, 669
Taipei Main Station(Zhengzhou Exit)
The west side of Taipei City Mall connects with the green line MRT; the east side of the MRT Taipei Station, Tamsui line, and the south side of Taipei Main Station. After moving out all original Chinese Market stores, this underground mall has a total of 187 stores, for example, snacks, electronics, general merchandise and clothing, etc. It composes of nine underground squares; three of them have skylights, providing a comfortable environment for shopping.

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